Thursday, July 20, 2006


The Shell

His eyes followed the red trail of taillights, refracted and blurred by the mesh of raindrops slowly trickling down the window surface. The glass reflected his room, awkwardly moving its image into mid-air, with the stream of red seemingly flowing through. They all moved as if unknowingly driven by a force alike to the raindrops now forming a new kind of mesh --It did not matter - gravity pulled them apart, they interconnected anew- He would go. He focused on a drop. It refracted - the world. A gray sphere with a fine string of red dots. - all there is, he thought. But where did they move? He knew the answer- He felt squeezed in a shell. Outside the shell.. . He inspected the unlit cigarette in his hand. The mesh of raindrops on the other side of the glass overlayed faintly on the texture of the cigarette paper. A collage of shades of gray.
The glowing cigarette a red dot - probably the only static one - faded to a strange color of gray-red as he finished a drag. Dragons of smoke emerged, faded out. The red dots outside moved, blurring into rainy grayness at the horizon. A raindrop merged with another, gave way to gravity, then dropped out of view.
A gray shell.
She was not there.

Ich glaube die Antwort ist .... Fisch. ...
amazing u managed to describe a whole big feeling, like empty melancholy kind of empty pressure inside, by the description of reflected light in rain drops and the smoke of a cigarette without gettin the slightest of kitsch although its something so often tried to explain...
wir. wollen. mehr.
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